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Welcome to MagicWave®

Established in 2001, MagicWave®, connects people. We're a networks services company providing technical Design and Consulting services as well as Contracting for the Installation and Maintenance of Fiber Optic and Wireless Computer and Communication networks. We design, build, and maintain networks from simple residential hookups to corporate enterprise interconnects, to hybrid Fiber/Wireless mesh networks for municipalities. We provide Technical Consulting services for all aspects of your project from start to finish: Design, Installation, and Maintenance.

As an approved Internet Service Provider on the Ashland Fiber Network, MagicWave gets you connected with flexibility: a 56K dialup line, provisional partial to multi-megabit cable modem, or up to Gigabit Ethernet speed over a direct fiber optic link. We can design, build, and maintain a variety of hybrid network configurations combining wired, wireless, fiber optic, and WAN links for almost any connection need, large or small.

Need a website, online storefront, or company intranet? MagicWave®; connects you to visitors, customers, or your office community. Get connected with our many Web Hosting services, including Website Design, Web Application Programming, and Web Commerce through a secure transaction system. We also provide Email and Chat services, DNS and Mail record hosting, and Internet Domain Name Registration.

Please contact us with your network design/build needs, or let us put you on the Internet, and experience the MagicWave® difference. Whether your project is your home office, a corporate enterprise, or municipality, MagicWave® gets you connected.

Email us at info 'at' MagicWave 'dot' net.